Our Story


The ZuhoBear family, located in New York City, would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your family to our website. Passion and purpose are the two factors that motivates and inspires our team at ZuhoBear, where we strive to provide more than just bears. Our objective is to balance fun with a sense of social responsibility. With your help, ZuhoBear will endure a unique journey through time, striving to reach across continents to inspire and connect people, one bear at a time.

Our Vision

The vision of ZuhoBear is to connect and unite bear lovers across the globe, providing unique opportunities for growth and development, with a commitment for positive social change through innovation and creativity. 

Our Passion

Team members at ZuhoBear are dedicated to sharing our passion for bears, by sending love, appreciation and recognition across the globe. We focus on people, and together, we aim to create an environment of excellence, mutual respect, and shared responsibilities. 

Our Purpose

At ZuhoBear, we believe in promoting social change, advocating for global issues that includes advancing early childhood education and eliminating hunger. We believe that inspiration, through innovation, will guide us to create and build stronger relationships where our social initiatives will thrive and help to shape a better tomorrow. ZuhoBear will dedicate a portion of every sale at www.ZuhoBears.com to support our social initiative goals, daring to imagine the impossible. 

Our Values

At ZuhoBear, we value respect, diversity, and inclusiveness for all. We are committed to making positive global changes and to fulfill our moral obligations. We embrace the ongoing challenges of creating an environment of awareness and promoting a sense of global community. 

Let’s Get Started

Let’s promote change together! Order your ZuhoBear today, and together, we will do our part to create an environment of hope and sustainability, one bear at a time.


The ZuhoBear Family